The Legal Model of Responsible Parenthood on The Example of Regional Legislation of the Russian Federation

E-Law Admin/ Dezember 19, 2020/ International private law from BRICS/ 0Kommentare

The relevance of the research issue is its novelty and socially significant conditionality provided by law of the legal and social “scenario” of responsible parenthood, prescribing common standards for parents raising minors. It is well known that the regulation of family relations, including parents and children, is one of the most relevant international research topics. In this regard, this article aims to obtain an overall view of the institution of responsible parenthood, included in the legal regulation in a set of rules and regulations established by the state and forming its special content. The leading approach (method) to the study of this problem is legal and sociological, allowing for a comprehensive review of the legal and social content of responsible parenthood on the example of regulation. The article presents relevant issues of responsible parenthood and its development based on specific laws; revealing its legal and social content while considering the potential of this type of parenthood. The research has scientific novelty, as it is the first attempt to consider the legal model of responsible parenthood on the example of Russian legislation. These materials can provide theoretical and practical value for further scientific research, as well as updating the regulatory approach to the regulation of family relations.

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